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What is Carbon Nanotube Synthesis?

What is Carbon Nanotube Synthesis, and What are its Implications for Modern Science?

While the mystery and implications for science surrounding carbon nanotubes in modern science have gained them immense popularity with scientists and researchers in myriad fields. The age old question -what is carbon nanotube synthesis?  is quickly gaining ground in modern science as well. And its implications may far outweigh and outreach those of just carbon nanotubes, since this process of synthesis may very well open doors for science and for the use of carbon nanotubes that no one ever thought possible.

Carbon nanotubes are essentially constructed of a lattice work sheet of graphite that is rolled into a cylindrical shape. These carbon nanotubes are feather light in their construction and much stronger than many other properties used in not only nanotechnology but also in electronics, optics, additional areas of materials science, architecture and even the construction of motor vehicles, space vehicles and other materials useful in a wide array of traditional fields of research and modern living.

Carbon nanotubes are also known to have any unique electrical properties and have even been tested and proven as super efficient conductors of heat, otherwise referred to as thermal conductors. It is only their potential to have some toxic properties that has limited their widespread use and distribution for construction and other purposes.


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