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Nanoparticles Purifying Water: All Hype or Reality?

Recent findings that say nanoparticles can help purify water seem like something you can expect from a science fiction movie or something that you can read from a book by Jules Verne. Can nanoparticles really help give us cleaner and purer water, and if so, how does it work to do this?

When you talk about nanoparticles, you may begin to visualize those little robots that a certain cartoon character developed to help him with certain tasks and deeds. These are nano-bots and are not what scientists in universities in Mexico have developed in order to help clean water of toxic substances in less than an hour.

How this happens seems to need the power of the sun or of ultraviolet light to complete the purification process. What the researchers in these universities used was titanium oxide nanoparticles that have been made to adhere to glass with the use of heat.

Once water in these glass containers that have been treated with these nanoparticles is hit by sunlight or by UV rays, the water is then purified. Read the rest of this entry »


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