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How is Nanotechnology used in space?

How is nanotechnology used in space? We are currently exploring only a tiny fraction of its space capabilities as we study the development of newer, better space materials.

With materials like these we may be able to find ways of launching into orbit that don’t involve costly rockets (and their costly fuel.) Researchers are particularly excited about the possibilities for a space elevator.

Carbon nanotubes are the perfect choice for such an elevator’s cable, since nanotechnology is able to create carbon-based material that is light in weight yet strong enough to withstand the forces it would face in space.

A space elevator would make all kinds of pioneering efforts possible by dramatically reducing the cost of sending things into orbit.

This becomes painfully obvious when one considers that 95% of a space shuttle’s takeoff weight is entirely devoted to fuel storage.

Despite the amusing and whimsical idea of an elevator that reaches all the way into space, scientists are perfectly serious about this endeavor and have already anticipated such practicalities as how and where the two ends of its cable will be anchored, the Earth end will be affixed to a sea anchor that is similar to a drilling rig, and the space end of the cable will be attached to an asteroid.

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