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Nanotube Production: Changing The World, One Atom At A Time

Nanotube production  is no small task, it takes a highly skilled engineer with a steady hand to make this powerful, yet delicate little piece of technology, a development that is taking the world by storm and changing everything we know about our limits.

If you’ve heard of nanotechnology, then you know it’s small. Incredibly small. Like an ant in comparison to the sun. What you may not know is that nanotechnology is being developed in many different forms and for many different uses. Developments wrought from nanotechnology are currently being used in a variety of products you may encounter everyday including sunscreen, clothing, wrinkle-resistant fabrics, LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays), scratch-resistant coatings, anti-microbial bandages, tennis rackets, deep-penetrating cosmetics and even swimming pool cleaners and disinfectants.


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How Are Nanotubes Made?

Understanding how nanotubes are made can help many laypeople decide whether this is a scientific field they are interested in entering, it helps us understand the potential impact of nanotubes, and it helps scientists in other disciplines find new applications for their own use.

While originally nanotubes were a highly rare commodity to the point where the first nanotubes were discounted as nanotubes for not meeting the width requirements, today it is a very different story.

Now, nanoscientists can order up premade carbon nanotubes in order to shorten their time in the cultivation stage and spend more energy in the application effort. Read the rest of this entry »


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