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Nanotechnology Research: Extending Man’s Horizon

There is hardly any doubt that nanotechnology is very beneficial to man. With all the applications this new frontier of knowledge has seen from the human body to industries and chemicals, thus far, nanotechnology has lived up to its name in enhancing the wealth of knowledge possessed by man.

Despite this gains however, nanotechnology research continues on high gear to discover more truths that will help man in so many ways. Today, nanotechnology research is not only limited to the laboratories of scientific bodies, personnel under the employ of big companies that benefit from nanotechnology are also doing their own nanotechnology researches.

Frontiers of Nanotechnology Application

The following are the various areas where some of the most prominent nanotechnology research are being undertaken:

  • The field of heavy equipment and industries are some of the busiest areas of nanotechnology research. With the projected benefits nanotechnology promises these industries, there is no wonder why they should busy themselves with furthering the impact of nanotechnology. The main benefit comes in the form of creating machineries that are light yet very durable. When equipments are made lighter, they do not cause much strain on the engine, thus it maximizes the consumption of fuel.
  • The aerospace and aircraft production industries are also bound to benefit from continuing nanotechnology research. This is because with nanotech, aircraft and rocket parts are made lighter, thus minimizing fuel consumption. As a result, companies that are in the air travel business are also benefited from lower fuel consumption from aircrafts that are lighter and speedier.
  • In the field of optical technology, nanotechnology research is used to develop lenses and glasses that are scratch-resistant and tough. It also results to the creation of lenses that do not cause interference with one’s vision, thus giving the wearer clarity of sight sans any inconvenience.

  • In the field of cosmetics, one important research on nanotechnology leads to the development of sunscreen based on nano particles. As a result, sunscreens are better when it comes to providing protection from the sun compared to the traditional UV protection systems that is the standard today in most sunscreen products. With nanotechnology-based sunscreens, the cosmetic is able to penetrate deeper into the skin layers to cause the cells to react against getting burned by the sun. This is considered to be far better than simply superficial sun blockage, which is common in conventional sunscreen cosmetics.
  • In health, nanotechnology research is also key to advancing tissue engineering. This is very important when there is a need to repair damaged tissues, especially those affected by severe diseases. Moreover, nanotechnology is also one of the most promising applications that scientists are employing in the fight against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). In this, the process aims at killing affected cells to prevent their replication and thus stop the spread of the disease. Moreover, because it is atomic in nature, nanotechnology is far better than taking medications because unlike the latter, it does not affect otherwise healthy tissues, specifically attacking only the affected ones.

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Nanotechnology Cancer Research and Development

One of the areas of medicine that will benefit from the research and development of nanotechnology is that of cancer treatment and detection. Nanotechnology cancer research and development is being actively funded and pursued to help people find better ways to diagnose and manage cancer as well as to treat it. The National Cancer Institute is aiming to decrease cancer deaths by the year 2015 and to do so with the help of the technology called nanotech.

How Nanotechnology Can Help with Cancer

Nanotechnology cancer-related research actually involves the use of nanodevices in clinical trials to help with the early detection of the problem, the finding of the cancerous cells within a patient’s body, and for nanotechnology cancer Research and Development to accurately deliver drugs to treat these cancerous cells with.

Nanotechnology is also used to help determine if these cancerous cells have indeed been eradicated by the “smart drugs” that were administered to it. These clinical trials give doctors and researchers the kind of results they need to help create the kind of help people with cancer will require in the future to detect early on the signs of cancer, treat the cancerous cells, and even to prevent the onset or recurrence of the debilitating disorder.

The NCI Nanotechnology Project

The National Cancer Institute or NCI has launched a plan of action for achieving this great goal of harnessing the power of nanotechnology to create a way to diagnose cancer and to locate these cancerous cells in a person’s body with nanotechnology cancer research projects. The ultimate goal is to be able to eradicate cancer altogether with the help of this technological breakthrough, and this is to be done with the help of six areas of research and development into the science. These areas include the prevention and the control of cancer, the early detection and diagnosis of the problem, the development of imaging diagnostics that use nanotechnology for accuracy, and the utilization of nanotechnology in therapy.

Why Nanotechnology Is Considered the Best Solution

When you really think about it, nanotechnology cancer research and the development of solutions that can help people detect cancer better and cure it more accurately is something that can actually benefit all. Not only will this kind of development help with the early detection of the problem and the on-point eradication of the source of the problem, it also does it with minimal or non-invasive methods. This kind of method that is done with the help of nanotechnology will not only revolutionize the way cancer is treated and diagnosed but will also help develop methods for detecting ailments that can also be used for other dangerous diseases.

Encouraging Early Results

With the continued nanotechnology cancer research being conducted on the possibility of better diagnostics and treatment of this ailment with the help of nanoscience, people may soon find that they can get a more accurate diagnosis about their ailment soon and will get the kind of accurate treatment they need as well. The early results of such clinical and laboratory trials is showing a lot of people that it is indeed something worth looking forward to and something that can help a lot of people in the near future.

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