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What Are the Capabilities of Nanobots?

If you are at all familiar with nanotechnology you may have also heard about nanobots, but since nanotechnology itself has such a diverse application it can be difficult to ascertain exactly what nanobots do.

As a matter of fact, technically speaking nanorobots, or nanobots, don’t do anything yet—they haven’t been formally invented.

Researchers are hard at work developing them, however, and based on their promising progress they anticipate that the public debut of a working team of nanobots will occur sometime in the next 25 years if not before then. In other words, these microscopic robots are the next big thing.

So just what is so great about having a robot that measures only six atoms across? Since this tiny size gives them the ability to interact at the bacteria and virus level, nanobots’ main function will probably be medical. They have the potential to revolutionize the medical community in almost every way.

Nanorobots are so tiny that they could be easily injected into the bloodstream, where they would then float through your circulatory system in order to locate and fix problem areas of your body.

Working in the laboratory

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