Advances in Nanotechnology That Might Cure HIV

One of the frequent scourges that affect mankind is the problem related to the human immunodeficiency virus that is more popularly known as HIV. Affecting Sub-Saharan Africa, parts of Asia, and some parts of Europe, the HIV problem is of pressing need to man and governments because of its impact to health. This is why researches for the development of cures for HIV has been in feverish pitch since the disease was first discovered in the early 80s. However, despite all these, cures for HIV are something that is still elusive. That was the case until nanotechnology came along and gave mankind its first real hope of winning against this dreaded disease. Today, various products of nanotechnology that might cure HIV are seriously pursued in the hope that it will put an end to man’s worrying of the disease.

Approaches to the Treatment of HIV

Using nanotechnology that might cure HIV comes in various forms. Most of these are still in the laboratory testing stages and are not yet available for mass treatment. Nonetheless, feedbacks have been very encouraging to the point that experts regularly call their efforts already a success even with the absence of actual testing on HIV patients. The following are some of the most common approaches in using nanotechnology that might cure HIV:

  • Neutralization of the HIV virus. Because HIV virus has been so resilient and tough to crack, one of the keys to a successful treatment of HIV cases is to neutralize the very virus that causes it. In this, scientists have developed nano particles that attack the virus. Because nano particles are very small, they are not easily detected and neutralized by the virus. Instead, they are able to penetrate the mantle of the virus, thus rendering it harmless.
  • Another approach in nanotechnology that might cure HIV is the strengthening of a person’s immune system. This is made possible with the use of nano particles that are injected into a person’s body. Such particles boost the immune system and help the body to repair damaged tissues, which is something very common among HIV patients. On the other hand, because they are very minute particles, they easily mix in with the bloodstream and distributed in the body.
  • Combination therapy is one of the techniques using nanotechnology that might cure HIV. In this, the therapy of attacking the HIV virus is paired with the strategy of enhancing the immune system. Because of this, patients who would have died from an HIV infection now have a better chance to survive the virus instead. Moreover, the immune system is boosted and rejuvenated, which not only improves the chances of a person surviving HIV but also a chance for a better health.

Despite the very promising and rosy picture all these products of nanotechnology that might cure HIV brings, the reality is that these are all still in the planning board. Scientists themselves acknowledge that plenty of researches have to be done before these treatments will be available on a mass basis.

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