Nanotechnology and Water Heaters

Utilizing the unique technology of nanoscience, nanotechnology water heaters are today’s must-have in every household as they deliver all the benefits that a water heater should provide plus more—providing additional perks that include reducing the household’s water and electric costs, lowering energy consumption, reducing space requirement, and conserving electricity.

The science behind these water heaters seems complicated but is actually easy to understand. They were designed without the use of metallic heating tubes to eliminate corrosion and hard water buildup.

The choice of using quartz instead was decided not only because there is an abundant supply of the mineral worldwide but also because it presents an impeccably rapid thermal capacity and stability even after many years of constant use without any hint of deterioration on its performance.

Outside these quartz tubes, an application of patented coating is used that efficiently reflects the far infrared energy know to condition hard water deposits.

Combined with PID controllers, special circuit breakers, and leakage current protection, nanotechnology water heaters provide every home their much-needed hot water supply in a very safe and cost-effective way.

Understanding the Product

More and more eco-conscious companies and organizations are spending millions of dollars to fund research and development of eco-friendly products that are not only functional and effective but are likewise ecologically friendly. And one of these innovative nanoscience solutions that are fast gaining popularity worldwide is the nanotechnology water heater.

The new-generation water heater is the first to utilize nanoscience technology that combines the accuracy of PID temperature controller with the efficiency of the heating properties of nonmetallic quartz. These state-of-the-art water heaters were practically designed for reliability, dependability, economy, and most vital of all, for the home’s safety.

Not only does it provide continuous and long-lasting hot water supply for the household, it likewise poses no harm to the environment while at the same time ridding the household of maintenance worries and costs.

Understanding the Design

With these water heaters that were nanotechnologically designed, you are guaranteed to experience incomparable quality, value, and efficiency never before experienced with electric water heaters, solar water heaters and gas water heaters.

With that said, these patented nanotechnology water heaters offer great advantages that include the following:

  • They provide “energized” water heaters that are healthy for the skin and the body.
  • They provide purified soft water sans the need for either the costly filters and water softeners.
  • They eliminate sediment buildup and unhealthy corrosion that are typically associated with heating elements.
  • They require far less electric consumption compared to the regular water heaters.
  • They do not post any maintenance problems and costs.

Water heaters developed through nanotechnology have set a new standard in water heating and other related applications that will surely oblige more green companies to exert more effort in coming up with similar products that provide far more than just simply hot water.

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