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Know the Various Nanotech Companies

Know the Various Nanotech Companies

Because nanotechnology is one of the hottest scientific products today, consumers and product users need to be familiar with the various nanotechnology companies that can provide them their needs for nanotech and its applications. Companies that specialize in nanotechnology cover almost anything under the sun, although most of these are involved in industries such as in engineering and in automotive applications.

Searching Nanotech Companies

Whatever the reason for looking nanotechnology companies, it is always better to do it by searching for them in the Internet. This is a convenient way to search for them because in the web, nanotech companies are categorized in various ways, making searching for them easy and fast. Some of the popular nanotech companies are the following:

  • ZettaCore is one of the nanotech companies that pioneered the development of low-cost memory chips in use in computers and in industries. Because of their low-cost setting, they are very beneficial to the microelectronics industry by providing cheap but excellent alternatives to high-maintenance memory chips. Their memory chips are also used by aircrafts especially those that rely on autopilot for long-distance flying that can be stressful for human pilots.
  • In the field of nanotechnology applications on health sciences, one of the leading nanotech companies is Z-Medica. Their famed product the QuickClot is a popular product being an effective and fast-acting haemostatic agent that rapidly stops severe arterial and venomous bleeding. This is very beneficial in instances when the patient is very far from hospitals and medical facilities. In the end, it is one of the factors that can set the difference between life and death.
  • Another of the nanotechnology companies that are actively involved in using the technology to medical applications is Advectus. The company is in fact the holder of exclusive worldwide rights on the delivery and production of drugs that are used in fighting brain cancer and tumor. Due to the drug’s development, surgery is no longer required in most cases when before surgery was the only means to properly treat brain cancer. This is indeed one of the most revolutionary inventions involving nanotechnology.
  • Agendia is another of the nanotech companies that are involved in the medical applications of nanotechnology. Specifically, they are active on the field of tumor mapping in identifying tumor cells in order to categorize them for better treatment. Tumor-mapping is made possible with the use of micro-array genetic profiling that the company also developed.
  • NanoMaterials is an Israeli company that specializes in the delivery of inorganic compounds for use in industrial applications. Their products are actively used in microelectronics, semiconductors, and aerospace applications. Likewise, they also produce nano lubricants for the metal working markets that revolutionized the way metal works were done.

Thanks to these various nanotech companies, consumers now have better choices at availing of products and services that work for them. However, consumers must beware of the projected advantages of using these products and must consult with various experts on the possible risks, especially when using products for the body.

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